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Breyer Model Horse Show

Saturday, July 16th 10am - 2pm


Join us for a fun day filled with raffle prizes, ribbons, and fun!


What is a Model Horse Show?
Model horse halter classes are modeled on real-life horse shows and real-life halter classes.  Just as real horses are judged on confirmation and quality, model horses are judged based on anatomy & biomechanics (conformation), breed standards, color, and condition.


Models that are an unrealistic color, such as the Breyer "decorator" colors (Wedgewood, Florentine, charcoal, woodgrain, tie-dye, etc.) do not show in regular halter classes, but in special classes where they are judged mainly on collectability (rarity, age, color, condition).


Note: Just because Breyer issues a model as a certain breed, it does not necessarily mean it is the only breed choice!


written by our Breyer judge Tracey Tariska
Learn more about Breyer Shows here: 

All classes awarded ribbons through 5th place.
Grand Prize: $100 gift certificate to The Tack Room
Reserve Grand Prize: $50 gift certificate to The Tack Room
Fun Classes: $20 gift certificate for 1st place and $10 gift certificate for 2nd place! 

Open Classes
Eligible for Championship Class & Grand Prize. 

1.  Foals (all breeds including Stablemates)‎

2.  Gaited Breeds (Tennessee Walkers, Saddlebreds, Rocky Mountain, etc.)

3. ‎ Light Breeds (Morgans, Arabians, Cross Breeds)‎

4.  Sport Breeds (Standardbreds, Thoroughbreds, sport horses)

5.  ‎Spanish Breeds (including Spanish gaited breeds)‎

6.  Warmbloods

‎7.  Appaloosas‎

8.  Paints‎

9.  Other Stock Breeds (Quarter Horses, Mustangs, etc)‎

10.  Draft Breeds‎

11.  Pony Breeds

‎12.  Minis (all models not Traditional size)‎


Fun Classes
NOT eligible for Championship Class & Grand Prize. 

1.  Youth - 10 years and under

‎2.  Performance English (includes tack)‎

3.  Performance Western (includes Tack)

‎4.  Performance Other (includes equipment)‎

5.  Customs, Special Runs, Limited Editions‎‎

Pre-Registration required.  
Show fees: $5.00/exhibitor
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